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SIRANE manufactures a range of packaging and other products including specialised absorbents, bio-degradable, bio-compostable, microwaveable and ovenable materials and protective materials for a number of food, medical, industrial and horticultural applications. Shop.Sirane stocks only a few of the more standard products, and is only a small selection of what we do. 

Sirane's food packaging division is specialised in absorbency and absorbent materials including pads, oven-ready packaging and microwave-ready cooking materials, shelf-life extension, nylon and much more.

Products made by our food packaging division include absorbent meat pads and absorbent fruit pads, steam-cooking bags and BBQ bags, nylon roasting bags, ovenable dividers, boneguard and more - that really is just a snapshot. We have a range of packaging solutions for many areas of the food industry, including meat, poultry, fruit, seafood, ready meals, food-to-go, convenience food and more.

Sirane also offers a wide range of bags and pouches into the food industry (and beyond), including stand-up, retort, ovenable, flat & side gusset pouches, thermally-insulated bags and much more.

We are a UK manufacturer based in Telford, Shropshire, with a network of agents and distributors covering much of the globe, and we can ship anywhere in the world. 

Sirane's core skills are founded around material science and design & process engineering which gives us the capability to develop new and better products and if required, new manufacturing machinery to produce these products too! 

For more information on the wide range of products available, many of which are made to order, visit our main site at www.sirane.com

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